When you think of coffee you get an image of a wonderful, warm, inviting liquid but there is so much more……

That is just what Shayne Leigh on December 8, 2016, set out to prove.

This date will always be remembered in the city of Orillia because it was the Opening of the Coffee & More Store at 170 Memorial Avenue.

When you step into the Coffee & More Store you are immediately taken to a different realm of the universe. All you want to do is to grab that hot cup of coffee and browse through the store to see what else it has to offer.

Just like the name implies they do sell coffee and lots of it. There are wall units filled with many different types of K-Cups, you can pick and choose to your heart's content. Why just settle on one when you can try them all!

Shayne is a real coffee connoisseur and she took her time on deciding which brands of the ground and whole bean coffee to carry. At Coffee & More Store you will find many different brands which are not available in the area such as the Deadly Grounds Coffee, Marley Coffee, and Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co.

But why stop there, the Coffee and More Store has a tremendous selection of natural, organic, loose leaf or bag teas. Brands such as Rocket Tea, Buddha Teas, Tea Squared and many more.

You can find something that will appeal to even the most unusual taste.

With all these exciting beverages you need something to put them in. Shayne took care of that as well. T As a matter of fact, Shayne goes out of her way to find local artisans, craftspeople, and products that are Canadian-made.

We can’t forget about the kitchen now, can we?

The Coffee & More Store carries Gourmet Village, Ded’s Dips, Feige’s Gourmet Dressings, Shaw’s Maple Syrup, Orillia Honey. You can also find spices such as Haupy’s Beaver Rub, SaltWest Handcrafted Canadian Sea Salts, Momma Mari’s Sauces, or one of the most amazing dressings on the market the Garlic Expressions, you just can’t go wrong.

If you think we are done, you are in for a huge surprise.

The Coffee & More Store also carries giftware and home decor.

If you have that special person who is hard to buy for you can surprise them with a pair of socks from Funatic Socks, FBF NHL Team Socks, Lucky Hunting Socks, or one of many items from Pook.

For that final touch, some mood setting would go in handy.

At the Coffee & More Store, you will find beautiful wooden and metal decorative wall plaques which will brighten up any room. Great hand-crafted wood pieces from the Northern Joinery, and for that final touch, some Gelmania Reusable Candles.

The Coffee & More Store is not a place where you shop but tantalize all of your senses.

Just one visit will have you coming back over and over, and that is a promise.